Springing Into Action: Essential March Lawn Care Tips from Lawn DR Landscaping

As the winter chill gradually fades away, March marks the beginning of the much-anticipated spring season. It’s a time when your lawn starts to wake up from its winter slumber, and as landscaping enthusiasts, we know that proper care in March sets the stage for a vibrant and healthy lawn throughout the year. In this blog post, Lawn DR Landscaping is excited to share essential tips to help you spring into action and ensure your lawn thrives in the upcoming season.


1.Early Spring Clean-Up:

March is the perfect time to give your lawn a fresh start. Begin by clearing away any debris, fallen leaves, and dead vegetation that may have accumulated during the winter months. This allows sunlight and air to reach the soil, promoting healthy growth.


2.Soil Aeration:

Consider aerating your lawn in early March to alleviate soil compaction. Aerating helps improve water and nutrient absorption, encourages robust root development, and enhances overall turf health. This simple yet impactful step sets the foundation for a lush and resilient lawn.


3.Fertilization Strategy:

Tailor your fertilization approach to the specific needs of your lawn. As the grass begins to grow, applying a balanced fertilizer with a focus on nitrogen can provide the necessary nutrients for a green and vigorous lawn. Work with Lawn DR Landscaping to determine the right fertilizer and application schedule for your unique landscape.


4.Weed Control Measures:

Take proactive steps to address weeds before they become a nuisance. Applying pre-emergent herbicides in March can prevent the germination of weeds, saving you time and effort in the long run. Our experts can recommend the right products and methods to keep your lawn weed-free.


5.Lawn Mowing Techniques:

Adjust your lawn mower blade to a higher setting in March. This allows grass to establish a stronger root system and provides shade to the soil, reducing water evaporation. Additionally, practicing “grasscycling” by leaving grass clippings on the lawn can contribute valuable nutrients back to the soil.


6.Irrigation Check-Up:

Evaluate your irrigation system to ensure it’s in optimal condition. March often brings fluctuating weather patterns, so adjusting your watering schedule accordingly helps prevent both under- and over-watering. Efficient irrigation is key to maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn.


7.Inspect and Plan for Landscape Enhancements:

Take a walk around your property to identify any areas that may need attention. Whether it’s patchy grass, bare spots, or outdated landscaping features, March is an excellent time to envision and plan for enhancements. Lawn DR Landscaping can assist in creating a customized plan to elevate the beauty of your outdoor space.


March is a pivotal month for your lawn’s health and appearance. By implementing these essential lawn care tips, you’ll be setting the stage for a resilient and thriving landscape throughout the spring and beyond. At Lawn DR Landscaping, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Contact us to schedule a consultation and let’s work together to make your outdoor space the envy of the neighborhood this spring.